Flappy Purple Bird


System settings:

System Windows XP, 7, 8, 10
License Free
Requirements specifications None
Product name Flappy Purple Bird

Flappy Bird but purple. Fly skillfully. Fly in pop-up! Purple Flappy Bird is an arcade-style game in which the player controls purple bird, which moves to the right. The player's task is to navigate the Bird through pipes that are placed at random heights. Purple Flappy Bird automatically descends. It ascends only when the player presses an up arrow or spacebar. Each successful pass through of pipes awards the player one point. If you hit a pipe, your bird falls and you restart the game. Purple Flappy Bird is a frustrating game to some people, so here are some tips: - Focus on the bottom pipe to avoid over-flapping. - But make sure you pay attention to the top pipe as well! - Don't be afraid to fall, because the bird still covers distance. - Do not get overconfident! Based on the success of Flappy Bird, as well as the numerous articles and videos documenting players showing experiences of frustration through to fun, it seems many people share the same experience. Purple Flappy Bird the gameplay is very addictive for the casual skill and score-obsessed players! :) Take your time!